“Our customers’ loyalty is directly related to

the care and expertise shown by the guys on

the floor with each and every part, each and

every day.”

Matt Sokol, Operations Manager

“We are always there for our customers.

We have the quickest response time in the industry.”

Jeremy Clifton, Technical Sales Representative

“I am proud to work for this company because of the people.

I look around and am surrounded by industry experts who

I can also call my friends, most of whom I have worked with

for many years.”

Dan Bartlett, Vice President

“Aaron Frost and Alan Lovelace have been the perfect team

to help us achieve our elite status in 501F and 7FA

component repairs. Their commitment to engineering

excellence over the years now speaks for itself

when discussing projects with new or existing customers.”

Robert Aponte, Technical Sales and Repair Engineering

“Our welders, technicians, and engineers make it easy

to sell our services. They are truly the best!”

Allen Brackett, Technical Sales and Repair Specialist

Our Leadership Team

Bruce Agardy
Chief Executive Officer

Louis Green
Chief Operating Officer

Alan Lovelace
Chief Engineering Officer

Aaron Frost
Chief Technical Officer

Jason Moore
Director of Field Services

Matt Sokol
Operations Manager

Dan Bartlett
Vice President of Field Services and Sales/Marketing

Our Sales Team

Tim Lambright
Technical Sales and Repair Engineering

Robert Aponte
Technical Sales and Repair Engineering

Jeremy Cliffton
Technical Sales Representative

Allen Brackett
Technical Sales and Repair Specialist