Engineering Quality and Commitment

Allied Power Group strives to be ahead of the industry in engineering development of both the legacy and F-class gas turbine engines. APG offers our clients advanced engineered solutions to fit their needs.

  • High Density (HD) TBC coating which has been proven to adhere to the base metal longer than traditional TBC coating providing the base metal further protection between outages.
  • Downstream deflection (DSD) and twist correction; hookfit repair with full dimensional restoration.
  • Full metallurgical lab to evaluate components including mount polish, cold and hard mounts, hardness testing, pull testing, bend testing, stress rupture, SEM, and engineered review failure analysis.
  • F7EA- F7FA complete turbine wheel fixtures.
  • APG designed braze repair with higher melting temperature providing greater strength and weldability through additional run intervals.
  • Evaluation of opening clearances with engineered designed workscopes in order to ensure your parts will fit your machine.
  • Customizable F7FA tiles to fit casing distortion during operation.
  • Engineered fixtures for all major GE and Siemens components.

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F7FA 360 Transition Piece Fixture Check

501F Support Housing Rocket Replacement

F7FA 1st Stage Shroud Tile Dimensional Inspection

Quality Coatings

Our coating department consists of industry experts with many years background in coating procedures and quality. APG’s exclusive TBC HD coating developed for F-class Hot Gas Path components has been field tested by leading Power Generation companies with proven excellence.

As rotors and components reach the recommended service interval for replacement, Allied Power Group‘s engineering team can assist in evaluation of true life left based on the historical run data, integrity of the base metal, advanced NDT inspections, hardness testing, and fully engineered evaluation.

F7EA Bucket Dimensional Verification in Wheel

Customer Driven

Our engineers listen to our customers’ issues, developing solutions specifically to fit their needs. Contact us today for help with your engines components!