Allied Power Group has an inventory of parts available including both new and refurbished. Here at APG, we are constantly listening to our customer’s needs in the industry and finding new and innovative ways to provide better engineered solutions. As a result, we have launched our New Manufactured Parts Division which is currently offering Effusion Plates and Shroud Tiles. Check back soon for more developments!

Allied Power Group New Parts Manufacturing

Allied Power Group’s 7FA Effusion Plates, along with repair changes of existing combustion equipment, can allow customers to continue on to 32,000 hours or 900 starts between Combustion Inspections! That is double the amount of starts for peaking units than guaranteed by the OEM with their current upgrade solutions.

Allied Power Group’s 7FA 1st Stage Shroud Tiles allow customers to seamlessly replace individual shroud tiles during standard repairs resulting in lower cost, longer life between repairs, and reduced schedule times.

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Allied Power Group Refurbished Parts Inventory

GE Inventory

  • Turbine Buckets
    • 7FA Stage 2 Buckets
    • 7B Stage 1 Buckets
    • 7B Stage 2 Buckets
    • 7EA Stage 2 Buckets
  • Nozzles/Shroud Blocks
    • 7FA Stage 1 Nozzle
    • 7FA Stage 2 Nozzle
    • 7FA Stage 1 Shroud Blocks
    • 7EA Stage 2 Shroud Blocks
    • 9FA Stage 1 Nozzle Segments
  • Rotors
    • 7E Compressor Rotor

Siemens/Westinghouse Inventory

  • Turbine Blades
    • 501D5 Row 1 Turbine Blades
  • Compressor Diaphragms/Blades
    • 501FC Rows 1-16 Compressor Blades
    • 501FC Rows 1-16 Compressor Diaphragms
    • 501FC Rows 4-15 Seal Holders
  • HGP Stationary Components
    • 501F Row 2 Vane Assembly
    • 501F Row 4 Blade Ring