Our Programs

Allied Power Group is committed to helping our customers succeed. To support this philosophy, we offer several programs that extend beyond our expert repair capabilities. These programs, ranging from replacement parts sourcing to financing arrangements, provide flexible options to boost the profitability and efficiency of your operations.

Turnkey Projects

Along with APG’s Field Services Division, we will now be able to offer full turnkey outage support including outage planning, field services, technical advisement, shop repairs, and parts replacement. This kind of outage support helps our customers better manage their resources with a one-stop-shop approach to the entire outage. A Technical Advisor can discuss with you today to devise a solution for your outage based on schedule, current inventory, and overall needs, with a competitive price solution while giving you peace of mind with options such as extended warranties and 24-hour engineering and field support.

Exchange Program

Allied Power Group will send a repaired and fully-warranted capital item from our stock in return for your used, unrepaired core. We will repair your used core and invoice you for the cost of the repair.

This program allows you to have all the capital items necessary for an outage prior to that outage. This eliminates the risk of an extended outage caused by a delay in the return of your parts that are out for repair.

Parts for Repair

Allied Power Group will issue repair credits to you in return for inventory that you wish to sell. This transaction allows you to get a real, immediate benefit from undesired or excess inventory, as these credits directly reduce the cost of your current repair job.

Replacing Fall Out

During a typical bucket/blade repair, technicians may determine that certain components are no longer capable of being returned to service. Allied Power Group maintains a supply of make-up buckets, and we are able to sell you the appropriate bucket to complete the set.

This is an advantage over a standalone repair facility because it eliminates the need for you to go to the marketplace to locate the items needed for the repair. Allied Power Group has these components in stock and we are able to make the transaction much more convenient.

Purchase of Spares

At Allied Power Group, we continually strive to increase our inventory through the purchase of spare parts. Our solid financial foundation allows us to acquire parts quickly and for a fair price. If you are looking to sell any of your excess IGT components, please contact us.


Allied Power Group offers flexible financing options to customers who need immediate repairs or replacement parts, but lack access to immediate capital. We work with our customers and we will consider any reasonable offer made in regards to payment and terms.