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We envision ourselves as a true partner to our global clients, trusted to ensure maximum availability, reliability and efficiency of their power generation assets.



We work and act safely, develop our talent, and are committed to applying rigorous continuous improvement in all we do.


We act with integrity, innovate, and are committed to a mindset of critical thinking and problem solving to alleviate customer challenges.


We promote and encourage diversity, require teamwork, and are keenly focused on serving the interests of our communities and stakeholders.


We do what we say and are unyielding in our dedication to provide the highest quality products and services that mitigate power generation challenges.

APG combines the depth and diversity of expertise of an OEM with the top-quality service you can expect from the leading independent provider of maintenance solutions for gas-fired power generators.

Let us assist you with one of the following impactful structures:

Parts management and rotable exchange services
• Perfect solutions for small fleets desiring to reduce inventory
and maintenance costs without increasing risk

Full-service fixed price term maintenance
• Easy termination provisions in the event of plant sale, change of
operating profile, etc.
• Fallout, price, technical, and availability risk borne by APG

Full-service outage management

Certified pre-owned parts with a guaranteed life and repair cost limit
• Perfect solution for owners who desire to reduce cost but do not
want to take pedigree/technical risk
• Multi-OEM and multi-unit capability
• Full spectrum of hot section parts
• APG will take the risk of repair cost and repair/replace without
risk to owner

Combustion and hot section conversion services adaptable to an ever-changing regulatory environment
• Variable and fixed price arrangements
• Can be combined with other APG services
• Our technical team can engineer a solution to match your needs

Fleet-wide solutions
• Volume discounts
• Unique rewards/rebate systems
• Single or multiple OEM fleets
• KPI’s and other incentives structured to match the owner’s needs

Unique owner solutions
• APG has the flexibility to create a unique solution for any unique

APG serves a broad customer base in several diverse end-markets:

IPP (Independent Power Producer)
Regulated Utility
LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
Upstream Oil & Gas
Midstream Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas
CHP (Combined Heat & Power)

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