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Part Life Extensions

Upgrade Your Assets

Asset owners looking to reduce capital costs and maintain their gas turbines can look to APG for our expertise in getting more life out of their assets. We have a robust program with which we can evaluate the current condition of your assets and determine how we can improve the life through additional technology or operational improvement. Some examples of this are:



If your GE, Siemens, or Alstom rotor is approaching its end of life per the OEM guidance, APG can help to extend the life of your rotor at least one more maintenance interval.  Through our in-depth inspection and evaluation process, we will detail out all required modifications and repairs.  Upon completion, APG will certify the rotor for one more maintenance interval.


Whether you are looking at extending the outage interval of a component or trying to get one more maintenance interval out of a part, APG is here to help.  Over the past 15 plus years, we have consistently worked with customers to get every bit of life out of each component.  From component design changes, improved coating, or enhanced metallurgy, APG can get more out of your capital parts investments.


From Turbines to Controls to Heat Recovery Steam Generators, APG’s team of experts can help review your plant assets and determine what maintenance would be required to extend the life of your facility.

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Rotor Life Extension

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Component Improvement

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Asset Life Extension