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Fuel Nozzle Repair
Fuel Nozzle Repair Image

Located near Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, our newest facility specializes in fuel nozzle and combustion component repairs. On this campus, APG’s Nexgen fuel nozzle center of excellence is housed in a separate climate-controlled building from our repair and manufacturing facilities on this campus, ensuring cleanliness and constant 70F testing temperature.

Natural gas circuits are tested using air. Testing air is dried via refrigerant system and further dried using a desiccant system. Airflow testing is performed in accordance with ISO 5167. The mass air flow test stand uses sonic nozzles with a binary area progression varying from 0.031” to 0.707” throat diameters. At a pressure ratio of 1.25 effective areas between 0.001 to 3.0 in^2 along with corresponding mass flow rates are measured. Testing system has an accuracy of +/-0.48% of readings are traceable to NIST Standards and a repeatability better than +/- 0.25%.

Fuel oil circuits are tested using water or #2 distillate. The machine’s Coriolis meters measure mass flow rates. This testing system can run tests between 35 and 350 psi, both flow numbers and mass flow rates are measured.

Our process includes incoming flow testing, dimensions, disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, nde, component testing, reassembly, and final flow testing. Incoming and Final Engineering Reports are provided to the client. Flow test results are reviewed and accepted based upon NG specifications.

Our specialty fuel nozzle service ensures peak performance with less stress on other gas turbine components.

Repair Capability

At APG, we can repair both single fuel, dual fuel, and tri fuel (where applicable) assemblies for the following gas turbines:



Frame 3 Frame 7B-EA
Frame 5 Frame 7F.03/.04/.05
Frame 6B Frame 9E.03
Frame 6FA Frame 9F.03/.04


SW101/171/191 SW501D
SW251 SW501F
SW501AA SGT400


Standard Combustor LEC I
DLN 1.0 DF42
DLN 2.6
Fuel Nozzle Repair

Optimize Performance and Life Cycle Costs at the Same Time.

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