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Fuel Nozzle Repair Services For Optimal Gas Turbine Performance
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Allied Power Group (APG), is the leading provider of industrial gas turbine maintenance solutions. We provide parts, repairs, and field services with a dedication to maximizing power producing equipment's availability, reliability, and efficiency. The fuel nozzle and combustion component repairs at our newest facility ensure optimal performance and reduce strain on gas turbine parts.

Maintenance of Fuel Nozzles: How Important Is It?

Gas turbine fuel nozzles are essential parts that are crucial to the combustion process. They immediately affect the turbine's overall performance, emissions, and efficiency by atomizing and supplying fuel to the combustion chamber. Fuel nozzles may get worn, clogged, and damaged over time due to operating demands, pollutants, or natural deterioration. Regular maintenance and prompt replacement of these components are necessary to guarantee optimum turbine performance and lengthen the equipment's lifespan.

Fuel Nozzle Repair Process at Allied Power Group

APG built its Nexgen fuel nozzle center of excellence to offer the best possible fuel nozzle repairs. By maintaining a constant testing temperature of 70°F, our specialized climate-controlled facility guarantees a regulated atmosphere for the repair procedure. For various gas turbines, including designs from GE, Siemens, and other top producers, we can fix single-fuel, dual-fuel, and tri-fuel assemblies.

The fuel nozzle repair follows a rigorous and meticulous approach to guarantee superior results. It involves:

  1. Incoming Flow Testing: Each fuel nozzle undergoes thorough incoming flow testing to assess its current performance and identify any existing issues.
  2. Dimensions and Disassembly: To prepare the nozzle for repair, our knowledgeable specialists carefully measure its dimensions and disassemble each component.
  3. NDE and Ultrasonic Cleaning: We use cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning processes to remove impurities and deposits from the nozzles. A non-destructive examination (NDE) is performed to find any concealed flaws.
  4. Component Testing and Reassembly: The fuel nozzle components are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the required specifications. The parts are expertly and precisely rebuilt after successful testing.
  5. Final Flow Testing: Each repaired fuel nozzle is tested after reassembly to ensure it performs as intended and complies with NG requirements.
  6. Engineering Reports: The client is given incoming and final engineering reports that describe the repair procedure and outcomes.

Advanced Testing Equipment and Techniques

At Allied Power Group, we understand the value of precise and trustworthy testing in fuel nozzle repair. We use state-of-the-art testing tools and abide by industry standards to guarantee the greatest degree of precision. Our fuel oil and natural gas circuit testing procedures are created to adhere to ISO 5167 requirements.

Using desiccant and refrigerant systems, we utilize air as the testing medium for natural gas circuits after it has been dried. For mass air flow testing, sonic nozzles with a binary area progression provide precise results. The testing equipment offers a repeatability greater than +/- 0.25% and an excellent accuracy of +/- 0.48% of measurements, traceable to NIST standards.

Conversely, water or #2 distillate tests fuel oil circuits, and Coriolis meters are used to monitor mass flow rates. This testing instrument can accurately measure flow and mass flow rate within a pressure range of 35 to 350 psi.

Wide Range of Supported Gas Turbine Models

The fuel nozzle repair services provided by APG are available for a wide variety of gas turbine types, including:

  • GE Frame 3, 5, 6B, 6FA, 7B-EA, 7F.03/.04/.05, 9E.03, 9F.03/.04
  • Siemens SW101/171/191, SW251, SW501D, SW501F, SW501AA, SGT400, SW501B
  • Various Combustion Systems, including Standard Combustors, LEC I, LEC III, DLN 1.0, DLN 2.0, and DLN 2.6

Our skilled engineers and technicians are knowledgeable about the complex operations of these gas turbines, enabling us to provide specialized repairs that meet the particular needs of each type.

Advantages of Choosing Allied Power Group's Fuel Nozzle Repair Services

When you choose APG for your fuel nozzle repair needs, you gain access to a wide array of benefits that set us apart from the competition:

Expertise and Experience: Our team of professionals have years of experience working in the gas turbine business, and they have the knowledge and abilities required to provide excellent fuel nozzle repairs.

Modern Technology: Allied Power Group's investment in cutting-edge testing tools and methods guarantees precise fuel nozzle diagnosis, repair, and validation.

Quality Control: We adhere to the highest industry standards and provide dependable, high-quality repairs that improve turbine performance.

Cost-effectiveness: Quick and accurate repairs save expensive failures, cutting downtime and total maintenance costs.

Environmental Compliance: Clean fuel nozzles improve combustion, reduce hazardous emissions, and encourage environmental responsibility.

Comprehensive Solutions: APG offers comprehensive solutions for gas turbine operators through our mission-critical maintenance and repair services, which include fuel nozzle repair services.

Customer-Centric Approach: We put the needs of our clients first, making sure that there is clear communication, quick action, and efficient solutions that are suited to their particular demands.

Repair Capability

At APG, we can repair both single fuel, dual fuel, and tri fuel (where applicable) assemblies for the following gas turbines:



Frame 3 Frame 7B-EA
Frame 5 Frame 7F.03/.04/.05
Frame 6B Frame 9E.03
Frame 6FA Frame 9F.03/.04


SW101/171/191 SW501D
SW251 SW501F
SW501AA SGT400


Standard Combustor LEC I
DLN 1.0 DF42
DLN 2.6

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The combustion efficiency, emissions, and general turbine performance are all directly impacted by the atomization and delivery of fuel via fuel nozzles into the combustion chamber. Reliable turbine running depends on keeping them in top condition.

A number of variables, including usage patterns, climatic conditions, and previous maintenance records, determine how frequently gasoline nozzles need to be repaired or serviced. In general, proactive maintenance and routine inspections are advised to avoid problems.

A:Yes, by guaranteeing effective combustion and lowering stress on other turbine components, properly maintained fuel nozzles may greatly lengthen the life of a gas turbine.

A:Allied Power Group uses cutting-edge, highly accurate, and precise testing technology. We adhere to industry norms and maintain traceability to NIST standards to guarantee the accuracy of our test results.

A. Allied Power Group offers fuel nozzle repairs for various gas turbine types, including those made by GE and Siemens, as well as for several combustion systems, including DLN and LEC configurations.
Fuel Nozzle Repair Services For Optimal Gas Turbine Performance

Optimize Performance and Life Cycle Costs at the Same Time.

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