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Performance Upgrades
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Power Augmentation

Allied Power Group (APG) provides comprehensive performance upgrades and power augmentation solutions for industrial gas turbines across the world.  We understand the criticality of running gas turbine plants for sustainable power generation industry-wide. 

Our engineering team works with clients to avoid GT service disruption and reduce downtime while continuously working to improve IGT efficiency.  

Our advanced diagnostics and global engineering experience combine to troubleshoot many common performance issues while boosting the output.  

We work with GE, Siemens and many big global brands in compliance with the highest industry standards. Schedule regular performance upgrades or maintenance for gas turbine plants.

Performance Upgrades
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Firing Temp Upgrades

APG has found there is often a significant amount of output that can be gained on a unit by simply increasing the firing temp. These types of increases can range from simple controls modifications to coating, cooling, and material changes. Depending on the operations of your unit, this increase in firing temp can be a very cost-effective way to gain additional Megawatts.

Our engineers conduct Hot Gas Path Inspection (HGPI) to find and fix the turbine parts exposed to high temperatures from the hot discharged gases.

We generally use thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) that help withstand high temperatures while increasing the durability of the turbine components. There are different cooling methods used for turbine blades. It includes blowing cold air over the surface and film-cooling which introduces a layer of coolant between the hot gases and the surface. We can also use one or more than one method to prepare the gas turbine components against the rising firing temperature.

Sealing Upgrades

Sealing Upgrades

Reductions in the loss of air on a unit can have a positive impact not only on the efficiency but also output. And the sealing system is crucial to restrict air leakage and improve the performance of the gas turbine. APG has many options for sealing modifications including seal clearance reductions, brush seals, honeycomb seals, cloth side seals, and abradable coatings.

Our engineers use airfoils to reduce and maintain optimal seal clearance between the rotor and stator. We also use brush seals (made using thousands of thin bristles) which effectively maintain the original clearance longer than labyrinth seals and can reduce air leakage by upto 90%.  The honeycomb seals maintain a reduced gap between moving parts of the turbine. Cloth side seals (made of high-temperature, corrosion-resistant materials) are yet another dependable option for GT performance and efficiency upgrades. We also apply the abradable coating to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and extend the lifespan of the machinery.

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Power Augmentation

APG takes immense pride in the patented power augmentation system that upgrades your current fleet of GTEs. Gas turbines follow the Brayton cycle, where the efficiency of the cycle increases with an increase in compressor inlet air density. APG can support power augmentation modifications including but not limited to evaporative cooling, inlet chillers, compressor fogging and water/steam injection systems.  Gas turbine fogging system enables uniform spraying of tiny water drops in the compressor inlet air. It reduces the temperature but increases air density for the fast turbine to generate more power. Evaporative cooling system is one of the economical ways to improve the GT output and efficiency. With our mechanical inlet chilling systems, the air temperature reduces below dew point temperatures, thus providing a more consistent and dependable GT output. Many OEM manufacturers opt for wet compression which can be used in combination with other methods. 


About S5

APG provides GT performance upgrades that drive value to the OEM makers. Our engineers can work as per your operating profile and plant maintenance schedule.  

1. Efficiency

Boost gas turbine output with efficient use of fuel and other critical resources

2. Reduced Emissions

Upgrading GTs with modifications results in reduced carbon emissions

3. Availability/Reliability

Cut down the operating trips while improving the availability/reliability factor

4. Flexibility

Generate adequate power to meet current and future power demands

5. O&M Cost Reduction

Reduce the turbine’s operational and maintenance costs

6. Life extension

Extend the life of gas turbines by 10 to 20 years or more

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Additional IGT Performance Upgrades And Modernization

APG is a third-party service performance upgrade service provider for many global brands. From regular performance upgrades to specialized power augmentation and beyond, you can count on us. 

Our services include 

  • IGT inspection and diagnostics 
  • IGT component/parts repairs and replacements 
  • IGT parts modifications 
  • IGT hardware or software upgrades
  • IGT field services 

Our engineering team works with clients to determine and fix the actual causes of the turbine’s poor performance, and efficiency. We use the latest OEM technology and tools for accurate and fast results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

APG provides different methods to regulate the output temperature and protect the turbine and connecting components/parts. Our services include 
  • Regular maintenance that detects and fixes physical damage to the turbine and the entire power generation plant.  
  • Performance upgrades to ensure the turbine can withstand high temperatures and stress.
  • Power control measures to regulate the power output within the safe temperature range.
  • Cooling systems that can regulate the turbine’s temperature and prevent output temperature increases.
Our advanced diagnostics determine and resolve the risks emanating from increased temperatures in the steam or gas turbines.

Generally, IGTs are serviced at least once a year. However, the actual frequency for your gas turbines depends on different factors, including 
  • The type and age of the turbine 
  • The operating conditions 
  • The manufacturer’s recommendations 
Our engineers strive to optimize the operating conditions, upgrade the equipment and/or introduce new technologies to increase the output power. Contact us.

Power augmentation can be risky if not planned and executed well. One of the potential risks is mechanical failure and damage to the turbine components due to power overload. Secondly, it can also result in increased gas emissions, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx) which cause more damage. Thirdly, it can also result in excess use of fuel which increases the operating costs. APG undertakes careful consideration and analysis before implementing power augmentation to mitigate potential risks and improve output.

APG uses highly-recommended methods of power augmentation for gas turbines including
  • Inlet fogging
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Steam injection 
As a reliable service provider, we help you determine the best method for augmenting the power of gas turbines.  Let’s work together to satisfy your power generation requirements.      Contact us
Performance Upgrades

Optimize Performance and Life Cycle Costs at the Same Time.

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