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APG specializes in full-service inspection and repair of a wide variety of both advanced technological and mature frame gas and steam turbine components.

• Buckets
• Blades
• Nozzles
• Vanes
• Combustion hardware
• Compressor hardware
• Steam turbine diaphragms
• Blade ring & air seal assemblies
• A wide array of other turbine components,
including shroud blocks, shroud tiles and
fuel nozzles

Our team of over 100 highly-experienced repair technicians work tirelessly to revitalize aging components, maximize turbine performance, and extend asset life through our proprietary repair processes.

Our engineering team works hand-in-hand with our repair technicians through the entire repair process, with each element performed in-house:

• Non-Destructive Testing
• Welding & Brazing
• Component Coating
• Machining
• Heat Treatment

• Quality Control
• Metallurgical Services
• Other Value-Added Services

APG offers comprehensive Rotor Repair Services:

• Unstack and restack
• Deblade and reblade
• Tip grinding of new compressor blades
• Rabbet fit insert repairs
• Individual component balancing
• Computerized stacking for balance optimization
• Low speed assembly balancing
• Non-Destructive Examination includes MT, UT, ET, PT
• Bucket anti-rock coatings
• High temperature oxidation and corrosion coatings
• Rotor through bolts
• Compressor blades
• Lifetime Extension to include:
– Enhanced non-destructive inspections
– Material analysis
– Optional critical flaw modeling

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