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7e Gas Turbine
7E Gas Turbine

7E Gas Turbine

In the dynamic world of energy production, the  GE 7E Gas Turbine stands as a beacon of efficiency and reliability. This cutting-edge technology has reshaped our approach to power generation, offering a blend of performance and environmental consciousness that is critical in today's energy landscape.   Explore the capabilities of Allied Power Group as we redefine industry standards.

90 MW

simple cycle output


combined-cycle efficiency

<4 ppm NOX

without selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

Up to 100%

hydrogten capability

Turbine Top
7e Gas Turbine

Robust Architecture
and operational flexibility

7E.03 gas turbine features and benefits

The GE 7e Gas Turbine is a state-of-the-art piece of machinery, designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. It falls under the category of heavy-duty gas turbines and is designed to provide reliable and efficient power production. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, it has become a preferred choice for various industries.

Ge 7e 1 1

Efficiency At Its Core

At the heart of the 7E gas turbine's appeal is its outstanding efficiency. These turbines harness the latest in engineering advancements to deliver power with minimal waste. This efficiency is not just about fuel consumption; it extends to space, maintenance, and operational costs, making the 7E a smart choice for power plants globally.

Ge 7e 2

Adaptable and Reliable

Flexibility is a key feature of the 7E gas turbine. Whether integrated into existing systems or serving as the backbone of new projects, these turbines adapt effortlessly. Their reliability is unmatched, providing consistent performance under varying operational conditions. This adaptability and reliability make them ideal for a range of applications, from industrial power generation to supporting national grids.

Ge 7e 3 3

Eco-Friendly Power Solutions

In an era where environmental impact is a top concern, the 7E gas turbine offers a greener solution. Its design reduces emissions significantly compared to older models, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change. By choosing a 7E gas turbine, energy producers are not just investing in efficiency and reliability; they are also contributing to a more sustainable future.

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7e Gas Turbine 7e Gas Turbine

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Allied Power Group offers some of the most extensive GE Frame 7E gas turbine services in the power generation industry. With our cutting-edge technology, industry-leading expertise, and massive operational capacity, we can handle any maintenance and repair job with minimal downtime and quick turnarounds.

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Allied Power Group's Gas Power services team is committed to partnering with you to deliver solutions that enhance your competitive edge, profitability, and productive results. For any requirement you may have, Allied Power Group stands prepared to assist with the most suitable heavy-duty gas turbine service solutions and a range of product offerings.

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