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Custom Solutions

The Engineering division of APG has always been on the forefront of new technologies. We utilize these new technologies to bring our customers their products with the shortest lead time and a more efficient part. APG works hard to expand our Engineering services capabilities and continue to grow in a direction that will benefit our customer.

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APG’s highly experienced, value-added and substantiated repair and manufacturing processes ensure:

  • Maximization of material and mechanical integrity, therefore achieving maximum life extension
  • Application of enhanced techniques and technologies to each component to maximize documented performance outcomes
  • Matched, and frequently exceeded, OEM industry standards

Get results with the lowest total lifetime operating cost of your turbomachinery.

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Engineering Solutions

APG’s internally developed thermal coating solutions maximize operating efficiency and reliability at higher temperatures and pressures, and under the most severe operating conditions.

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APG’s team of experienced engineers also provide:

  • Metallurgical consulting & analysis
  • Rotor & turbine component life assessment
  • Plant due diligence services
  • Other ad hoc advisory services
  • State-of-the-art Equipment
  • On & Off-site measurements
  • Engineering analysis
  • In-Depth experience

Offering flexible and unique solutions for your industry

Let us assist you with one of the following impactful structures:

Parts management and rotable exchange services

Combustion and hot section conversion services

Full-service fixed-price term maintenance

Fleet-wide solutions

Full-service outage management

Unique owner solutions

Custom Solutions

Optimize Performance and Life Cycle Costs at the Same Time.

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