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Apg Customer And Vendor Response To Covid 19

Your Power Partner

APG Customer and Vendor Response to COVID-19

Dear Valued Partner,

First and foremost, our priority is the safety and health of you, your families, and that of our team and their families. Therefore, as a business, we are taking the potential risk associated with COVID-19 very seriously and believe that transparency, good communication, and collaboration will be critical to manage through the next several months.

The team at Allied Power Group is following CDC recommendations closely. All nonessential travel has been stopped indefinitely. We are limiting any nonessential personnel from contact with any APG facility. The team has implemented strict hygiene, social distancing, and voluntary reporting guidelines. Furthermore, we have created functional silos to minimize the risk of transmitting a contagion across business units.

Should we identify any team member that has been in direct contact with a potentially contagious individual, we have requested voluntary reporting. We will keep you informed if we believe you or anyone on your team might have had direct contact an impacted party. Likewise, we would ask that if you have any knowledge of an APG employee that may have come into contact with person who may have had potential exposure to COVID-19, that you inform us, so that we can take appropriate measures to minimize the risk of transmission.

Lastly, we are committed to continuing to serve our customers during this time. Allied Power Group will continue to provide comprehensive power generation services, while following CDC and government guidelines closely, as well as strict adherence to our Allied Power Group Business Continuation and Emergency Preparedness Plan. Furthermore, we welcome your collaboration and input, as we partner together through this situation.

Thank you for being a valued partner to Allied Power Group.

Jim Masso
President | Allied Power Group
10131 Mills Rd
Houston, TX 77070
M: +1 904 553 8820

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