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Apg Adds Alstom Gt11 Capabilities
History Of The Ge D11 Steam Turbine

History of the D11 Steam Turbine And Known Issues

Designed to be both efficient at baseload conditions and robust enough to be used in various operating modes, configurations, and climates, the GE D11 steam turbine is a popular choice. While it is known to have some issues, the experts at Allied Power Group (APG) have custom retrofit solutions that can help extend the life...

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History Of The GE 7b-7ea Gas Turbine

The History of the GE 7B-7EA Gas Turbine

The History of the GE 7B-7EA Gas Turbine First released in 1970, GE’s Frame 7 turbine (starting with the MS7000) is still one of the most popular gas turbines in use today. Let’s take a brief look at the history of the GE 7B-7EA gas turbine and how you can uprate your existing Frame 7...

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gas turbine maintenance companies

APG is the Leading Provider of F-Class Component Repairs

APG is the Leading Provider of F-Class Component Repairs Since 2005, Allied Power Group has been repairing GE 7F and Siemens Westinghouse 501F industrial gas turbines components. Throughout our history we have continuously developed solutions to improve the reliability, availability, and repairability of these components. Today, we continue to evolve our capabilities by offering repair...

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Gas Turbine Image

Power Support Group – 1 Year Anniversary

Power Support Group 1-Year Anniversary Allied Power Group is excited to announce our 1 year anniversary of our acquisition of Power Support Group.  We would like to thank all of our customers who have made these last 12 months a success.  Over the past year, APG has performed over 19 outages for 10 customers providing...

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Troy Michaud Cco

Troy Michaud – APG’s new Chief Commercial Officer

As we continue to expand our capabilities, increase our service footprint, and provide industry-leading service solutions that power the world, we have made a new addition to the APG leadership team. Please join us in welcoming Troy Michaud to Allied Power Group.  Troy will lead APG’s overall sales and business development, as our new Chief...

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Gt 11 Turbine

APG Adds Alstom GT11 Capabilities

Since 2005, APG has been repairing hot gas path and combustion components for General Electric, Siemens, and Westinghouse industrial gas turbines. Today we announce our first step in expanding our capabilities to include the Alstom gas turbine fleet. APG is now your primary source for the following offerings for the GT11 D4, D5, and N1...

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